Sound Profile: Espresso Warriors

When faced with the question of how I would differentiate each UOW coffee house from each other, I must admit I was stumped.

Yet, when I walked into Espresso Warriors today, I was hit with the overpowering wave of conversation emanating from its inhabitants.

That, plus the fairly terrifying playlist of 2004 pop songs.

But it is the loud conversation, created by the people who are mostly talking to others, rather than sitting on their phones alone, that truly defines Espresso Warriors.


Sound Profile: Tom McGill

Question: What is home to you?

For Tom McGill, home is the sound of Youtube videos constantly playing. I took a fair amount of liberty with this interview, as I forgot to ask Tom exactly what Youtube videos he likes to watch. But I know that the aspiring film maker (Youtube channel TomTheJester) is passionate about the Australian film industry.

Films clips from:


Wolf Creek

Australia (Review)

Batman Vs Superman (Review by Tom)

(Also Soundcloud is sucking with copyright)

Sound Profile: Cassie Norris

Question: What is home to you?

For Cassie Norris, home is laughing and dancing in the kitchen.

The second I recorded Cassie saying this, my mind filled with images of warmth, playfulness and yummy food. Trying to convey this mentality that Cassie associates with her home was a struggle, since I most definitely wanted to do it the justice that it, and Cassie deserved.

My playing ABBA’s Dancing Queen with this piece, besides the obvious relation to dancing, was because in my own home this is the song that we most often dance to. I feel like this, at least for me, conveyed the best part of home.

Sound Profile: Panizzi Cafe

This is a new chapter in my digital artefact; creating more of a sound ‘journey’ of a place, rather than a person. This created a whole lot of new problems, and experiences.

Recording sound for this profile was easy, but putting it together, with the already over-lapping sounds was more difficult than the previous human profiles.

However it allowed for me to control the direction and tone of the profile, which I used to my advantage to create the feeling of being at Panizzi’s. My favourite part of this being the focus on the coffee creation sounds, and that blissful moment of a coffee’s first sip.

Help! I’m dating a computer!

As we discussed in the lecture for week 10, everyone that has a social media account, also has a social media persona.

We never fully portray our real lives on the internet; just the super fun, cool or interesting parts. This creates an overall version of ourselves that has no boring job, or crappy family, or time off with the flu.

But what is even more disturbing, or even wrong, are chat bot personas.

Now usually chat bots are used for good, such as on Twitter, where they can be used for sport announcements, community information, or parody accounts.

Then of course, we had the horror show that was Tay AI.

But what happens when we use chat bots to play with affairs of the heart? Like on Tinder.



Now, not only must we navigate the minefield of human online personas, but also robots?

bJlFe8t - Imgur

And I thought the internet was confusing before…

Sound Profile: Madie Cunliffe

Question: What excites you?

Madie finds the excitement in her life through surprises, puppies, and travelling, and who could disagree with that?

This profile is a little different in that, although you as the listener cannot tell, this one had a lot more sounds in it; overlapping and playing together to create the overall sound that you hear. This was a challenge, and definitely made the creation time a lot longer than usual, but I’m happy that I got to experiment with this new process, and make the whole piece sound even better then it could be with single-played sounds.