About Tayla Bosley

This blog is an amalgamation of my university projects, thoughts, and experiences. I currently study a bachelor of Communications and Media Studies (Dean’s Scholar) at the University of Wollongong.

I am also majoring in Journalism and Professional Writing, and I am minoring in Digital Media. I have three semesters of Spanish beginner and intermediary under my belt, and I thoroughly enjoy any class that lets me write.

I also intern for Property Investory, where I edit and produce podcasts on property investment in Australia.

My current goals are to travel the world and finish my degree at the end of this year (2017).

From there I wish to find full-time employment that requires my skills as a writer or editor, whether that be in the form of novels, news articles, magazine features, podcast transcripts or some other medium.

But for now I hope to do well at uni, continue reading fantasy fiction, and follow my passion as a writer.


Talk to me, hire me, write with me!

@TaylaBosley on Twitter

@TaylaBosley on Instagram

Tayla on Goodreads



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