Technology at the speed of light

The one thing that I found most interesting the BCM206 lecture this week was how some members of humanity will never truly grasp the power of the technology at their fingertips.

The one part that got to me was the anecdotes on people’s lack of understanding with the mechanics of the telegraph.

Image by Tayla Bosley


The woman who wanted to send soup to her son on the western front for example, resonated with me. Simply because I had to explain to my own grandmother that I can send her my holiday photos to her phone, and not have to physically print and send them to her.

The lack of physicality still remains a concept that is hard to grasp by some.

While some generations appear to have it easier than others.

It appears that the rapid rate of technology will always leave some people behind.



  1. Completely agree about the fact that the speed of technology is leaving people behind! Like the fact that parents and grandparents think your some tech wiz for actually understanding how to use a phone haha, keep up the good blogging 🙂


  2. It’s funny to think that our generation may be those people one day! Surely there will be something that we cannot comprehend in the future… Sending physical objects is slowly becoming a reality though! 3D printers exist where you can send a file or a scan and it will print out at the other end! Here’s a link if you want to check it out:


  3. I thought the soup story was kind of sad, I have a Nan who still struggles with the same concept that you can’t send physical things. I’m worried that one day we’ll be left behind too, and I’ll be some old lady having to ask her grandkids for help with what seems like the simplest things to them. I loved your meme, good work!


  4. I love the soup in your meme! Poor old grandma, mines just the same. She just took a computer class and learned that you can use the shift key to make a capital letter rather than putting caps lock on and off all the time… bless her. It’s a definite worry of mine that I won’t be able to keep up but at the same time I’m excited to see what’s to come!


  5. Hey!
    Iv read a few of your blogs and you seem to be worried about being left behind when it comes to technology and information. The truth is, it happened to our parents and grandparents so its inevitable that it will probably happen to us. We just need to be open minded and willing to learn! (unlike my grandparents)
    Great post and even better meme!


  6. Hey Tayla,

    I really enjoyed you blog post and the resonating idea of teh disconnect between older generations and technology due to its rapid advances. its amazing to think of how far tech has come in such a short time. for example ( This is a timeline of the development of sony technology starting in 1946 till 2009. You can see the already crazy amount of development and change in only 63 years (I think im bad at math).


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