emBrace Dementia Campaign

The following video was created for BCM207. In this subject we had to create an activism campaign, and then make a PSA style video for it.

Here is mine on raising awareness about dementia.


Contextual Essay:

The aim of this project was to raise awareness of the rising issue of dementia in Australia. Throughout the previous two assignments for this subject I have developed a deep understanding of dementia in Australia and how it is becoming a much larger problem with the aging population of this country (Thomsen, 2014).

As such the research for this project began with the first and second assignments, in preparation for this final assignment I simply further investigated some key facts and figures to include in my video.

The most important fact that I discovered was that 120 people with dementia go missing every year in Australia, and that they are usually missing for more than a day (Alzheimer’s Australia, 2017). This fact truly shocked me, and so I made it a focal point for my video.

I wanted the audience of this video to feel the same shock and worry for my dementia patient ‘Maureen’ as I felt in reading those facts.

Thus my idea was to make people emotive about this campaign, by making them worry about the perilous journey that ‘Maureen’ faces in her daily life.

My original idea was an entire point-of-view video of Maureen being lost in the streets. This is how the video begins, and I feel that it makes the viewer literally imagine themselves in her position, this includes the confusion and fear that a person with dementia would feel while lost.

However, while filming I felt that watching Maureen in the traffic, and then acting lost and scared also made a powerful point about being alone, and so incorporated this into my video.

Obviously the changes in music and colour act as a way to make the audience happy again, now that they know that Maureen is safe, this also further the power of the ’emBrace’, the tracking bracelet that is a major part of this activism campaign.

Although it wasn’t until the end of my editing of the video that I changed Maureen’s part into black and white. I’m glad that I did as once I experimented with it I realised that it furthered the sense of fear and confusion that I was trying to create.

I was also glad to discover the logo options in Final Cut Pro X, as I feel that my end screen, and call to action, appear more professional and real with the added ‘walking man’ logo.

Overall I am very pleased with this project. I feel that I incorporate enough facts and information to make the video an awareness campaign, and also that I made the audience worry enough about Maureen that they will be inspired to learn more about dementia, and potentially wish to act through donation to help the issue.


“Alzheimer’s Australia | Key Facts And Statistics For Media”. Fightdementia.org.au. N.p., 2017. Web. 1 June 2017.

Thomsen, Simon. “It’s Missing Persons Week: Here Are Some Sobering Facts On People Who Go Missing”. Business Insider Australia. N.p., 2014. Web. 1 June 2017.


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