Is Sydney the best city to discover new food?

What makes Sydney one of the greatest cities in the world? Is it the beatific harbour views? Or the lovely sunshine? What makes Sydney so special to so many people around the world?

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Well the answer is obvious.

It’s food.

Sydney is home to some of the most delicious, most inspired, and most daring dishes on the planet. So it’s natural for people to fall in love with the harbour city.

There are three reasons why Sydney has such an invigorating culinary industry;

  1. Constant new blood
  2. Endless variety
  3. Revolutionary innovation

Constant New Blood

Sydney’s restaurants are forever redefining themselves. In suburbs such as Newtown and Surrey Hills it’s common to become misled when the Japanese restaurant you went to last week is today an avant-garde Nordic bar.

But it is this constant thirst for originality and freshness that brings new life and new food to Sydney.

  • Hubert
  • Recently opened Hubert is a restaurant like no other. The new addition to Bligh Street, Sydney boasts a retro Parisian theme and menu to match. Dishes such as terrines and blood cakes are mixed with modern styled deserts such as melon en surprise to make a truly inimitable dining experience.
  • Acre
  • A restaurant that delights in the trend of farm-to-table, Acre in Camperdown is a newly made country haven in the middle of the city. Meals such as beef cheek with oxtail with parsnip, raisins and chocolate give the restaurant a high-end menu, but in the comfort of the rustic eatery.


Endless Variety

Australia is renowned as a multicultural country. With people from all over the world gracing our shores with their fascinating culture and delightful food.

  • Kammadhenu
  • A combination of Malaysian, South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine, Kammadhenu located in Homebush includes a varied menu that will leave you deciding for hours.
  • Al Aseel
  • This Lebanese restaurant from Lakemba will have you wondering how you’ve lived so long without trying chicken shawarma; a sliced kebab style marinated chicken served on a bed of onions.

Revolutionary Innovation

Even If the restaurant itself isn’t new, Sydney’s eating dens are constantly looking to one-up another, in the ever entertaining challenge of the most bizarre food in the city.

  • El Topo
  • Often cited as ‘the best Mexican food in Sydney’ El Topo has no fear when it comes to creating the latest and weirdest meals around. At the moment they feature ‘chaplines’ also known as roasted crickets, especially imported from Mexico. But don’t scream yet, flavoured with chilli garlic and lime these little insects provide one unique and delicious experience.
  • est.
  • Not one of Sydney’s best kept secrets est. in the CBD features a bountiful menu that will leave you salivating despite the long booking wait. One of their more innovative creations is the venison saddle with salt baked Jerusalem artichoke, boudin noir, prunes and coffee crumbs.

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