Help! I’m dating a computer!

As we discussed in the lecture for week 10, everyone that has a social media account, also has a social media persona.

We never fully portray our real lives on the internet; just the super fun, cool or interesting parts. This creates an overall version of ourselves that has no boring job, or crappy family, or time off with the flu.

But what is even more disturbing, or even wrong, are chat bot personas.

Now usually chat bots are used for good, such as on Twitter, where they can be used for sport announcements, community information, or parody accounts.

Then of course, we had the horror show that was Tay AI.

But what happens when we use chat bots to play with affairs of the heart? Like on Tinder.



Now, not only must we navigate the minefield of human online personas, but also robots?

bJlFe8t - Imgur

And I thought the internet was confusing before…



  1. The ‘chat bot’ concept although interesting, is inherently sad. I can recall my younger years, where I would spend hours on MSN talking to a bot called ‘Smarterchild’. To think that some would rather talk to a computer rather than a real person can be a depressing notion. Of course it can be argued that it was people who started these “bots” in the first place, so we are really the ones to blame? I wonder, when you state “Now, not only must we navigate the minefield of human online personas, but also robots?”. But these ‘robot’ personas arise from the mind of humans. So can it be pondered whether or not we ARE talking to robots, we are actually talking to a human. What if We are becoming the robots. I suggest a read on this website, diving into the depths of robots and social media as your post inquires:
    Great read. Very thought provoking 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed your blog. I think its somewhat scary to think about who we are really talking to online. You here it all to much these days people being “catfished” and that person not ever existing. A good read.

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