Is Legacy Media Truly Dead?

I am more than a little bit nervous to say that for week 9’s lecture on citizen journalism, I almost completely disagreed with Ted the whole way through it.

I am a staunch believer in the power that legacy media, and its journalists, remain and continue to have as icons of truth, justice, and storytelling.

I understand that citizen journalism is also a powerful, and effective source of news reporting. But its fickle nature, unregulated output, and fairly easy ability to be manipulated make me question Ted’s idea that citizen journalism will drive legacy media into its grave.

We need people that understand the importance of journalism; that understand the importance of getting the story out there when no one else will or can.




One comment

  1. You’re stance is one that I do agree with, however I also agree with Ted’s point about citizen journalism leading legacy media to its grave. Our news does need trustworthy and credible sources behind it, otherwise who’s to determine whether it is actually factual? With the development of the web, however, print media is fast fading and anyone can voice their opinions online, providing a wide array of voices and views to the mix. Whilst the information being provided may not be completely factual, it does allow for eliminating bias in legacy media, which is being controlled by an extremely concentrated ownership:
    As long as legacy media keeps up with the times and brings their content online, they could still remain one of the more powerful voices in media.


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