Sound Profile: Sarah Leong

Question: What are three things that define you?

Sarah Leong is an aspiring writer, director and film creator. Her sound profile takes us through her hopes and dreams of her future, as well as her past passion of swimming.

This second post of my BCM112 digital artefact has certainly taught me a lot. Trying translate, ‘concept film maker’ into sound was a challenge I was not prepared for. I attempted to find audio of female directors on set, but that was doomed from the beginning.

So upon further talks with Sarah I discovered that most of her conceptual film making comes from sitting around in a local coffee shop with her partners-in-film and simply talking, laughing and discussing their passion.

Passions, it seems can be very difficult to turn into a sound profile. Which is probably why my digital artefact is a relatively novel idea. However, if I am able to succeed in this endeavour I’m sure that it will unearth some amazing sides of people that we could not have otherwise discovered.


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