The Love Child of Technological Convergence

This week (5) of BCM112 discusses the affect that technological convergence has on the role of media users.

And what does that mean? Well in my video, I use the example of YouTube and the history of TV to reflect on how the process of technological convergence; which is the act of different media(s) merging together to create new media, affects the role of the people that use media. So pretty much everyone.

Since it was time for me to try my hand at making a YouTube video for this subject, it seemed just to create a video about the massive video sharing platform itself.

Since the affect that YouTube has had, as a result of its technological convergence, on its users; has been the creation of the active prosumer over the death of the passive consumer.



  1. Hi Tayla, what a great video for your first time! I also created a video this week. Check it out:

    From my research this week I also found television is a monological media. To digress this in my blog post I focused on vlogs as it is one of the most popular user-created content on YouTube. Vlogs are a dialogical media that actively invite individuals to discuss with others about its content. Vlogs are often responses to other vlogs.

    To make your video flow more next time you could add really soft background music, I often find that this helps viewers to engage in the content. I’ll leave a link here if you would like to browse through it next time.

    Great work!!

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  2. Hi Tayla,
    I thought your YouTube video on technological convergences was great. You spoke very clearly throughout the whole video, which made it easy and enjoyable to watch. I thought it was great that your video contained many images and videos to reflect your explanation. Your notes that were employed on top of the images were another great way to express your opinion on this topic. I thought it was great that you explained the history of television and then compared it to YouTube. It was an effective way to highlight how technological convergences affects our role as media users. A way you could of improved was just to make a list of some of the sources you used such as the tables and graphs in case your audience wanted to research this topic further. Overall, I think your blog and YouTube video was excellent, well done!

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  3. First of all I thought that using a YouTube video for this week’s topic was great. I really liked how you went through the history of how we got this thing we now know as YouTube. What I really liked was how you were able to display graphs that really made it easy as the viewers to see the growth of YouTube as a media.

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