The End of Print and the Eternal Life of the Internet

Screenshot 2016-03-25 14.51.21 (2).png
The Mutation of Print Media Prezi

This week’s lecture topics of technological convergence, the mutation of media platforms and the tensions between free-flowing digital content and locked appliances were so varied and deep that I truly struggled in choosing what to remediate upon.

Eventually I decided on the mutation of print media, and its subsequent convergence into new media platforms. As it really interested me to see the evolution of the print platform and the new directions that may come in the future.

And although it was not a topic this week. Creating this prezi furthered my understanding of McLuhan’s ‘medium is the message’ in relation to the effect that print media, in all its various forms, has had on the world.

Overall the mutation of print media is a signifier for the rest of the ‘old-world’ mediums; get mutating or get dead.

If you wish to further investigate this topic, my sources are below;

The Independent 1

The Independent 2

The Independent 3


Wikipedia 1

Wikipedia 2

Historic Pages

History Guide




  1. Hi Tayla,

    I’m really impressed that you decided to link this weeks topic with the newspaper as it is progressively changing into an online based form of media. Your prezi conveyed a really good timeline to back up your blog also. It’s made me question the implications of this mutation… Do you think the convergence from print newspapers to digital newspapers is beneficial for consumers and the media? Print or digital, what’s your preference?

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    • I think that it is definitely beneficial Danielle. Digital media is more widely accessible, which brings news and information to those that previously just could not access the majority of print media. Although ‘traditionalists’ in print media may bemoan this change, I steadfastly believe that the media will evolve to find profit in this new mutation. Thus I prefer digital media as it is easily accessible, quick, and I can pick and choose my information as I like.


      • I definitely agree with this to a certain degree, but on the other hand there’s also the risk of missing important information and news stories through digitally picking and choosing what you’re only interested in reading. Not only that but those who don’t have access to the internet will also miss out. We’re certainly moving towards a digital age but I also can’t help feeling like it’s just taking over.

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  2. Hey Tayla, I enjoyed your post and prezi.
    I like how your created the timeline of print media.
    If I didn’t know that you’d had never done a prezi before, I would say you had done many before. I also agree with you about your comment on “Medium is the Message”.


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