Copyrighted Creativity

On this week’s topic of discussion, copyright, I talk about how our society’s need for automatic-copyright can affect the creative process and the creators themselves.

Creating this podcast was actually pretty fun. I enjoyed writing out the script, and although I stumble over a few words, in my last and best version of recording, I think I sound pretty darn good.

What was not so fun was recording the same words a dozen times because I stuttered a single word and then fell into a litany of curse words.

It also allowed me to articulate my thoughts on copyright, which although I know is not evil, and actually means to help people. It still seems to me very stifling, and in today’s world only benefits the already recognised artists of the world.

Here is an article that I found that defines the fight between creativity and copyright.




  1. Hi Tayla,
    I like how you used a Podcast for this week’s topic.
    And you explained copyright so well, You’ve inspired me to be more open to use a podcast in my upcoming blog posts.
    To honest I didnt even notice you stumbling on words, until I read your post.

    Very good blog. 🙂

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  2. Great podcast, you seem really comfortable with speaking and you sound really natural. Something I struggled with when making my podcast. Next time you could use some music or sound clips to add depth.

    Copyright is definitely killing creativity. I understand that people want credit for their work but the laws are pretty excessive. Hey, who knows, maybe Disney’s next best script writer is someone writing fan fiction but they’ll never find them due to their ridiculous hold of their intellectual property. Also, ironic that majority of Disney’s storylines are fairytales and not in fact original at all.

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  3. I like that you used the example of using music on a YouTube video, it made it relevant and understandable. I also admire your perseverance with making a podcast, i thought you did extremely well, as someone who avoids presentations and speaking at all costs i envy you and hope that my podcast, when i get around to it, is even half as good as yours 🙂

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