The Medium is the Message (Again)

McLuhan’s ‘The Medium is the Message’ is one of the most difficult topics I’ve ever had to (attempt) to understand.

But in relation to convergence, I think I finally got it.

To me, McLuhan’s argument forces people to look at the bigger picture of their ever-changing media landscape. That is; to stop being sidetracked by the messages that media brings, and to look at the effects of that medium upon humanity, communication and media itself.

For example, this meme:

‘Matrix Morpheus’

From the oral story telling, to the written word, to the Internet, the Meme.

This new medium of communication was completely unintentional and unexpected. As were the numerous communities that arose due to the creation of the meme.

If the ‘meme’ had never been created, would an image sharing site like have come into existence?

And what of the people that browse and upload on that site. Where would they be today? And what will their ‘memeing’ evolve into next?

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  1. Hi Tayla!

    Can I say first of all, I think the memes that you made were really good as well and definitely gave me a laugh. I also really liked the way that you explained the medium is the message, I found it a lot clearer than some of the articles that I read which tried to explain it so it definitely helped me to understand it a lot more than I did before. The only thing I would suggest is to consider changing the layout of the text around the first meme because it was hard to understand what point you were trying to get across as it looks like the sentence has been cut short.

    Apart from that I would say it’s a really good post!

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  2. The meme is by far one of the most relatable. This is now the 5th subject I have heard the ‘Medium is the Message’. I really like the questions you posed surrounding the medium of memes. It really makes you think of all the content and messages (mostly jokes) that we receive through the medium of the wonderful meme. Good job Bosley, the double meme made me laugh.

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  3. I like the way you described the concept of the medium is the message, in terms of looking at the effects of the medium instead of being distracted by the message; broke it down and helped me understand it a bit more! I also forgot that the alphabet is actually twinkle twinkle little star haha, the only thing was that the last meme was a bit confusing but other then that it was a really good post 🙂 Your blogs easy to navigate around aswell!

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    • Awesome thanks for that. And just to explain that last meme, which was really for my friends. I’m in 2nd year and last year I did bcm110 and bcm111 and all that and now I’m doing bcm112 and faced with the dreaded MITM for another year.


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