What connects curiosity to learning for me?

Well, to me these two concepts are one in the same. If I am curious about something I will endeavour to learn more about it. And if I am learning about something, I have to be curious about it. Otherwise it becomes a horrific high school flashback of boring, useless information shoved down my throat just for the sake of ‘educating’ me.

Thus curiosity is what drives me to learn. It is what led me to enrolling in a communications degree, that will allow me to discover a plethora of curiosities, and thus learn more about them.

Curiosity also led me to take up Spanish in my university subjects, as I strive to learn the challenging new language and the culture behind it.

To me, curiosity is the backbone of journalism, (my major). As a burgeoning writer, I need to be curious about the people, actions, events and stories around me. However, just being curious is not enough, I also need to learn about these things so that I may bring their stories to the greater populace.

And consequently, this will lead to others finding their own curiosity, which leads to learning.

So what connects curiosity to learning for me?

A better question might be, how could we ever learn without curiosity?




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