Ser o no Ser

To Be or not to Be.

Or in Spanish;

Ser o no Ser.

That is my question.


Whether to continue my Spanish studies into my second year at the University of Wollongong, or to instead focus on my compulsory journalism subjects and that ever-present threat of a 75% average to maintain my status as a ‘Dean’s Scholar’.

Do I continue into the intermediary level of Span251? And whatever difficulties that will impose upon my ability to maintain my other subjects?

Or do I drop it all together, and face the disappointment and sense of waste that I have nothing to show for my year of Spanish studies.

For I do enjoy Spanish; it is challenging as well as fun as a subject, and contains easily-identifiable markers of improvement that my other, more ‘interpretive’ writing subjects fail to hold.

But is there any practical use of me studying Spanish beyond the fact that I enjoy it, and hope that maybe one day I may travel to Spain or a South American country?

Rooftops Of Bilbao City, Spain

I worry that I’m wasting my time in studying a language that I either may never use, or never reach a level of that would be useful. For it seems that at the moment, even after a year of study that received pleasing results, the only thing that I can remember is cat.

Which is gato.

My alternative if I was to drop Spanish would be Jrnl250. A professional writing course that seems as dry and boring as you can get. The subject outline includes FAQ writing, brochure creation, and how to write a how-to-guide.

Riveting stuff, I’m sure.

But wouldn’t this subject be of much more practical use in my quest to obtain one of those ever-elusive positions in the field if written media? Am I squandering my tertiary education on a language I will never need nor use?

At this point my plan is to see exactly how hard Span252 will be within the limited weeks that you can withdraw from a subject without a fee penalty. If it proves too hard, or too boring I will still be able to swap over to Jrnl250, and pray that the first few weeks were not important.



Adios y buena suerte.




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