Advertising and Games Journalism on Storify: A Critique

This Storify piece by user jt767 explores the symbiotic relationship between ‘native’ advertising and the under-funded form of games journalism.

J provides an informed and thorough report; balancing both sides of the relationship, including the good and the bad.

He describes in detail the issues associated with this form of ‘parasitic’ advertising and and perhaps unfair journalism. J also provides a few examples to support this analysis; but not many, which sometimes leaves the piece with long paragraphs with jargon that I don’t entirely understand. This led my attention to wander even will I was trying to read the piece.

However, he clearly is informed about the subject of native advertising; which is powered by journalists that are sent gaming content to comment on and evaluate and publish in gaming magazines or online platforms. This information stemming from J’s admitted position in the gaming journalist industry.

Thus his report provides an insight into this rarely-mentioned world, and the relationship between advertising that honestly I was unaware of, and that I think most people would.

Overall a fairly interesting piece that just needed a bit more engagement to be great.


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