Journalistic Use of Twitter

Angela Priestley

“Publisher . Journalist and author on gender equality, careers and leadership. Shiraz drinker. Trail runner. Media believer. P-plate Mama.”

Mostly Angela Priestly uses her twitter @angelapriestly to promote her work or the work that she finds most interesting or important; which mostly centre around women’s rights issues and equality.

The extent of her use of social media in a professional practice is quite deep. Her twitter is engulfed with her promotion of her work and questions pertaining to the public’s opinion on key issues.

Generally her Twitter is professional, with a few hints of informality and fun thrown in. However Priestly does not seem to use Twitter as a source or information gatherer.

S. Mitra Kalita

“Managing editor . My past: . 3 Queens. Mama to 2 kids, 2 books, 1 mutt. Ping”

S. Mitra Kalita uses her Twitter @mitrakalita very similarly to Angela Priestly, where she focuses her tweets to promoting her own work and the work of other’s that interest or inspire her. With many of tweets centring around human rights, but also including quite a diverse plethora of themes, such as mental health, art and education.

Once again Kalita also heavily uses Twitter to expand her readership of her professional work and the work of her newspaper the LA Times. But does not seem to use it as a source point for stories.

Lenore Taylor

“Political editor at The Guardian Australia, views my own”

It seems to be the norm that journalists uses Twitter simply to encourage the views of their work and the work of their colleagues. Since this also seems to be the case with Lenore Taylor, whose focus, for obvious reasons is on Australia Politics.

So so-far I have been unable to discover a journalist that uses Twitter to collect sources or information, or exactly how deeply they use Twitter in their professional practice. Since it always seems to used as a promotional media platform.


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