Draft for ‘What’s Hidden’

For this assignment I interviewed my Nan and her friend/neighbour Mrs Giddy. I had no idea what my angle was or what I could even ask them about. So I just sat next to them on Mrs Giddy’s bench and started talking.

What resulted from our long, meandering conversation was the story of my Nan’s (Mrs Cordingley) contribution to the newly-formed SUN (Seniors United NSW) federal political party, as well as her other endeavours to better her home retirement village of Blue Hills Village, Prestons.

Nan provided the key details, and Mrs Giddy provided the effects of her efforts on the residents as well as a personality-assessor of Nan.

For sounds I envision a fast-paced collage of car doors, shuffling papers, computer typing and conversation to go with Nan’s hectic world. And for when Mrs Giddy speaks I want to contrast that with the sounds of the village; whipper snippers, classical music, rustling of newspapers and sprinklers.

The use of photography and video is not something that I have figured out yet. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens with that one.

Mrs Giddy (Left) and Mrs Cordingley (Right)
Mrs Giddy (Left) and Mrs Cordingley (Right)

I’m excited about this one.


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