Why him?

For Jrnl 102 assignment 1 I have chosen my Granddad to interview at his old home in Croydon Park where he lived from about 5 years to when he married my Nan and moved out.

I chose him and this place after I heard the story of how my grandparents’ went and found the old place again, the photos that they took of it and how much it meant to my Granddad that it was still there; a testament to his past.

For him this place carries many memories, good and bad,  but most of all, powerful to his past and his development into the man he became and is today.

I hope to communicate the variety of emotions that he associates with this place, and how that past has affected him now.

And I plan to communicate this through his always rambunctious and cheeky persona and the depth of the stories that he has to tell about the house.


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