And So I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole (Sound Image)

Addie’s Specialty Tea Room is a bubbling, friendly coffee house located in a quaint part of South West Sydney. And apparently everybody knows everybody in the suburb of Hammondville; as you can hear one of the baristas, Beth, shout out boisterous greetings to her customers by name.

Adding to this warming atmosphere are the delightful trinkets waiting to be discovered around the shop. From the Alice In Wonderland tea set, to the marshmallow-covered tables, everything in this place truly takes you down the rabbit hole.

In terms of recording the ambience of Addie’s to reimagine it through sound, the greatest struggle was grabbing that piece of sound that truly conveyed the genuine friendliness of both staff and their patrons, as well as the unique nature of the décor.

I decide that the jazz music from around the world playing from their stereo gave the sense of casualness and fun that pervaded the staff from their amiable conversation, to the genuine happiness, that they, and especially the owner, Caroline has while working there.

But by far my favourite and most unexpected grab came when I began recording the conversation between some customers that had just arrived and Caroline… when out of the blue came Beth’s amazingly genuine greeting, which I felt could not better describe Addie’s Specialty Tea Room.


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