Amy McCann

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From reader, to reviewer, to Youtuber.

Amy McCann is truly amazing.

An avid reader for as long as she can remember, Amy crystallised her passion and turned it into a Youtube channel that she now shares with the entire world.

“…reading is probably my biggest interest, I’m also into Youtube, so I make videos about books…  yeah I just love reading…”

Through the medium of Youtube Amy connects with her audience to share her passion of reading, and with reviews, hauls and tutorial videos she ensures that her content is varying and engaging.

And she is but one of the growing community of book Youtubers or #BookTube. Where individuals come together to discuss their bookish interests, passions, and ideas.

So why Booktube?

“It seemed like a really desirable way to express my passions because I could express them in a lot of different ways. So I could express it through my words and my inflection of my voice, my posture, my body language…it was the best way to articulate myself so that people could fully understand me and what I was trying to convey to them.”

Through this Amy has learnt how her viewers think about books, how publishers think about books and how she can become more analytical of her own and others’ writing, while simultaneously communicating her own opinions and musings on the world of literature.

And she does just that, with just a camera and her thoughts Amy ensures that her viewers do no leave their screens without the same passion for books as herself.

But where does this intense passion come from? What has driven Amy McCann to donate hours, days and even years of her life to the reading, reviewing and praising of literature?

Well, like so many of our generation, it began with the boy under the stairs.

It was the discovery of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling that transformed Amy’s ‘like’ of reading into something truly fantastical. The magical world of the wizards and witches at Hogwarts encapsulated Amy’s imagination and her life, and thus she fell headlong into a lifelong love of reading .

“I just think that reading is amazing because it can give you so many experiences that you might not otherwise have, some people find it a bit of escapism, but I don’t really see it that way, I see it more as an exploration rather than an escape.”

An exploration that has shaped Amy into the person she is today, Reading is knowledge, we read about other worlds, and other lives, and other perspectives that we may not have thought of on our own. Through this knowledge we better our understanding of our own world and our own perspectives, and as Amy believes, we better ourselves.

“…I’m definitely a better person… than I would be if I didn’t read.”

At the close of our interview Amy left me with her favourite and most important piece of advice.

“Read Little Women.”

How can I resist?


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