Building A Better Future

The world is no longer the same for Emelia Keller after her extended volunteering expedition with the real-life poverty and disadvantage experienced by the locals of Nadi, Fiji.

Dropped into an alien landscape and culture, Emelia and twenty others discovered the privilege of their own lives back home through ‘Project Youth’ a community support youth network. Building the basic walkways, toilet blocks and sewage systems that we take for granted in Australia, but which are currently limited in ‘undeveloped’ nations such as Fiji.

Emelia reflected on the perspective-changing nature of her two-week trip “It definitely made me appreciate a glass of water… that doesn’t taste like milk… to have a bath… or meat.” The double shock of facing the realities of impoverishment and the cultural differences of a vegetarian society has led Emelia and her new friends to understand how lucky they are in a first-world country, and the importance of assisting those who are not so fortunate.

‘Project Youth’ organises such assistance for such nations and individuals through the teaching of English, as Emelia did, as well as giving food, cooking or even just talking and listening to the people who would usually go voiceless.


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